Our References with regard to Research, Innovation, Studies and Evaluations

2022 – Caribbean – French Red Cross in the Caribbean – Gender mainstreaming of logistics in the context of the programme of “Preparedness for effective disaster response in a multi-hazard context” in the Caribbean (02/2022 – 06/2022)

Project to support the Plateforme d’Intervention Régionale Amériques Caraïbes (PIRAC) of the  Red Cross in the Caribbean to mainstream a gender equality perspective in the logistic support for disaster risk management. Assignment implemented by consortium OQ-Consulting and AMB-Consulting, Jamaica.

2022 – GIZ – Strategic gender analysis of the mining industry and state-investor negotiation (01/2022-09/2022)

The main aim of the assignment is to provide a strategic analysis on how to integrate gender sensitive aspects in the work of the CONNEX Support Unit in the context of state-investor contract negotiation in the extractive sector. (GIZ-project: 8127117). Specific objectives include the delivery of tools and capacity building inputs to achieve the goal of gender transformative state-investor negotiations. OQ Consulting implements the project together with the Gender Research Alliance (GRA-South Africa).

2021 – 2022 – EU Delegation to South Africa – Delivering a      Gender Country Profile of South Africa; Draft GAP-III Country Level Implementation Plan (CLIP) of the EU Delegation in South Africa, a Gender Analysis of the Green transition and of the Digital transformation.

Producing three gender analysis to inform multi-annual programming, particularly in the fields of green transition and digital transformation. (Request for Services No.: SIEA 2018 – 3672. Lot3 – Human rights, democracy and peace). OQ Consulting is sub-contracted by BiRD (Germany) to implement the assignment on behalf of the consortium led by International Consulting Expertise EEIG (ICE).

Gender Country Profile of South Africa

Gender Analysis of the Green Transition in South Africa

Gender Analysis of the Digital Transformation in South Africa

2021 – 2023: Global – Long-Term Arrangement for Services (LTAS) with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for the provision of Gender Technical Services under category 1 on gender analyses, review of literature and evidence

For this Long-Term Arrangement OQ has composed a pool of 35 gender experts with extensive experience in different countries. The network of gender experts covers all continents. In each region, OQ has a regional team leader and a regional partner organisation. The technical coordination of this worldwide network is distributed among Lin McDevitt (for Asia and sub-Sahara Africa), Ana Stefanovic (for Europe and Latin America), and Thera van Osch (for Middle East and Northern Africa).

The LTAS between UNICEF and OQ consulting also provides an official Vendor-status for the United Nations Global Market space, which means that OQ will receive specific invitations to tender from different UN Agencies.

2018 – 2019: EU Delegation to Uganda – Diagnostic Studies No. 3.1 to 3.5 to support the Mid-Term Review of Uganda’s 2nd National Development Plan (NDP-2) and Evaluation of NDP-1 (09/2018 – 02/2019)

OQ Consulting was in charge of the Diagnostic Study on Gender (report 3.4) for the Mid-term Review of Uganda’s 2nd National Development Plan (NDP-2), evaluation of NDP-1, and recommendations for NDP-3 and long term (10 year) perspectives.
Edburg Consultants, one of the members of the implementing consortium, subcontracted OQ Consulting.

Uganda diagnostic studies- Main Gender Report

2018 – 2019: EU Delegation to Honduras–Elaboration of a Gender Analysis of Honduras (11/2018 – 03/2019)

OQ Consulting was sub-contracted by GEOtest and implemented the assignment in the role of team leader. The purpose of the project is investigating the existing gender gaps, its causes and its impact on human rights and aid effectiveness. Define recommendation for policy dialogue and programming between the Government of Honduras and the EU delegation in Tegucigalpa, and for alignment of the EU support to Honduras with the indicators of the EU Gender Action Plan.

Gender Analysis Honduras

2017-2018: Swiss agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC); Study on Effectiveness of SDCs Engagement in the Field of Gender Equality

The aim of this assignment was to assess the effectiveness of SDC’s engagement in gender equality and to highlight areas of success or in need of improvement. The Effectiveness Report that resulted from this assessment is used to inform the Swiss public and the Swiss parliament about the level of effectiveness of SDC’s activities in mainstreaming gender in all SDC programs and topics. This report provides an unbiased review of selected SDC interventions (projects and programmes) and analysis the effects and concrete qualitative and quantitative results achieved by the bilateral, multilateral and institutional engagement with clear aims targeting gender equality. The assignment “Report on effectiveness of SDCs Engagement in the field of Gender Equality” is implemented by the Consortium partners Femconsult and OQ Consulting. (SDC contract 81049880)

Report on Effectiveness Swiss international cooperation in the field of gender equality 2007–2016

2016-2017: Brussels – DG DEVCO – Stocktaking Assessment on the Effects of gender analysis on EU programming

Assignment in the context of the work of the team ‘Gender Analysis Support’ to provide EU staff at headquarters and Delegations appropriate gender analysis to inform decisions and programme approaches, according to the Gender Action Plan 2016-2010 (GAP-II) on transforming the lives of girls and women through EU External Relations. The methodologies used for this assessment are survey and in-depth interview. The result is an Internal Working Document of DEVCO-B1 which shows the different processes and methodologies applied by the EU Delegations to produce a gender analysis; the quality, relevance and usefulness of the gender analysis for gender mainstreaming in programming and policy making at country level; the successes and challenges.This assignment is implemented by AETS, with OQ Consulting BV as sub-contractor who carried out this assessment (EU contract number: 2016-050 BFC 2013 Lot 07 Multi gender).

2014-2015: Pilot-testing of Innovative mobile wind-turbine

In 2014 OQ Consulting partnered with IBIS Power (Eindhoven, Netherlands) and World House Wetten (Germany) to pilot a Remote Wind Energy System (ReWes – a mobile version of the ‘Powernest’). OQ contributed to this project with the aim of testing its feasibility for post-conflict, and post-disaster situations, and situations without energy infrastructure. The EU Regional Programme for Innovation, the Rhine Waal Euregio, supported the installation of a pilot project to test the ReWES in the garden of World House Wetten. OQ Consulting was consortium leader of this partnership which included IBIS Power and World House Wetten.

2014/2015: European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)

Implementation of the Multiple Framework Service Contract (FWC) EIGE/201 3/OPER/24/ Lot 20 (Netherlands):

-Specific Contract RS1/2015/Lot20 (Netherlands) Production of EU Member States Country Profiles of the Gender Equality Index. The assignment was implemented in cooperation with Paul Dauvellier and Marianne Dauvellier.

-Specific Contract RS3/2015/Lot20 (Netherlands) Survey: “Data collection on the benefits of gender equality by the expenditures on public infrastructures for Lot 20, Netherlands” (EIGE/2013/OPER/lot20-NL/RS3). The assignment was implemented in coopertion with Ditmeijers’ Research BV.

-Specific Contract RS4/2015/Lot20 (Netherlands) Meeting in Vilnius at EIGE Headquarters – Contract Implementation Meeting

-Specific Contract RS10/2015/ Lot20 (Netherlands) Editing and proofreading of Beijing platform for Action-related publications. The assignment was implemented by cooperation with Marianne Dauvellier.

2014: Study on the situation of Women in the Gulf States: European Parliament – FWC.

Comprehensive study on women’s situation in the Gulf States: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, including recommendations on how the EU can support women’s rights in the Gulf States. The publication is available here. Framework Service Contract for the provision of external expertise in issues related to Women’s Rights, LOT 4, Situation of women living in the third countries (IP/C/FEMM/FWC/2011-002/LOT4). OQ Consulting BV is consortium partner of Atria (Institute for Women’s History, Amsterdam, Netherlands) and KARAT (Coalition for Gender Equality, Warsaw, Poland) for this Framework Contract.

2013: European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)

Mapping study on “Gender Training and Quality Assurance: Practice, Advantages, Challenges and Options for EIGE”. Presentation of preliminary results in an expert meeting and drafting recommendations for EIGE.

2013: ITC-ILO –Stocktaking assessment on youth employment policies in Africa

Stocktaking assessment of integrating youth employment in the operations of the African Development Bank operations (ITC-ILO project P156364).

2012-2013: Europe – EIGE: Study on area H of the Beijing Platform for Action – Institutional Mechanisms

Assignment European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE-Vilnius) to ‘Study on area H of the Beijing Platform for Action – Institutional Mechanisms in 27 EU members States and Croatia’ implemented by ATRIA (Amsterdam) and Karat (Warsaw) (Tender: EIGE/2012/OPER/20). Sub-contract of OQ consulting to participate in the research team for the coordination of 6 country studies: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

2012-2013: Pilot-Study Gender Equality Score Card. Assignment of GIZ – Learn4Dev Gender Experts Group

This pilot study – coordinated by the Gender Expert Group of Learn4Dev – is part of the process to ensure high-quality training and effective capacity development for the Aid Effectiveness Agenda (Paris, Accra, Busan). The objective is to pilot the use of a G-marker and to evaluate the degree to which gender is integrated into the objectives of core trainings at Learn4Dev.


2012: Gender Equality Policy in Tunisia. Study for the European Parliament, Parliamentary Committee FEMM on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

Summary : Tunisia is passing through a critical historical juncture. In the present debates about the new constitution, the role of Islam in public life and that of women’s rights are among the most central issues. Tunisia’s legislation on women’s rights is the most modern in the Arab world (including notably the right to abortion on demand and access to contraceptives). Tunisian women participated actively in the uprisings, but fear backlash after the victory of the moderate Islamist party, Ennahda, in the first free election after the fall of President Ben Ali. Authors : Drude Dahlerup, professor, Department of Political Science, Stockholm University, Sweden with Elin Danielsson (research assistant and co-author) and Emil Johansson (research assistant and lay out) on behalf of OQ Consulting BV, the Netherlands


2012: Feasibility Study on Quality Certification with a Gender Perspective. Assignment of GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeid) – Train4Dev Gender Expert Group

The objective of this assignment was to produce properly grounded recommendations on how to apply specific certification criteria to ensure quality standards of the trainings which are provided through train4dev, including gender quality standards.

2011: Studies on Women’s Rights – European Parliament: Framework Service Contract for the provision of external expertise in issues related to Women’s Rights, LOT 4, Situation of women living in the third countries

The objective of this contract is to strengthen the knowledge of the ‘Women’s rights and Gender Equality Committee’ of the European Parliament by providing studies, analysis and advise on how to promote gender equality beyond the EU. OQ Consulting BV is consortium partner of Aletta – Institute for Women’s History, Amsterdam (Netherlands) and KARAT – Coalition for Gender Equality, Warsaw (Poland) for this Framework Contract.

2011: Assessment – GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeid) – Train4Dev Gender Expert Group

Assessment on what is needed to increase gender equality in development cooperation. The assessment was based on desk study and in-depth interviews with representatives of 8 development organizations; it shows institutional gaps in capacity development, and gives recommendations on how to enhance capacity for gender mainstreaming. The assessment was commissioned by GIZ to OQ Consulting BV on behalf of the Train4Dev Gender Expert Group.

2011: Survey on impact of DEVCO’s gender training activities

This digital survey was commissioned by DEVCO as part of the assignment of EU Gender Advisory Services 2011 in order to measure the results of the face-to-face and the online trainings on the gender performance of the trainees in their work. This survey was realized by OQ Consulting BV in cooperation with Particip GmbH.

April 2007: “Global workers on a flexible base; Members survey of Nedworc Association”

Assignment commissioned by the board of Nedworc Association. Report based on digital survey, elaborated with the technical support of Jan Valkenburg. Report only available in Dutch for Nedworc-members.

2006-2007: European Study on “Equalising Care in a Changing World

OQ Consulting delivered advisory services to FNV Women’s Union in the framework of the European study “Equalising Care in a Changing World”, resulting in the development of the Paid-Unpaid-Work Quote (PUW-quote), and participative workshops with European partners to review study results and follow-up.

April 2006: Feasibility Study on the Need for Institutional Strengthening of the NGO Sector in Suriname and Elaboration of a Financing Proposal

Entrusted to OQ Consulting by IBF International Consulting in the framework of the EC Project no. 2006/115933.

2005-2006: Feasibility Study “Sustainable Extension of Town Houses”, The Netherlands

Joint Venture of: OQ Consulting – Nieuwegein; De Loods Architects and Consulting Office BV – Aarle Rixtel; Hendriks Coppelmans Uden BV; and Nelissen Engineers BV and co-financed by SenterNovem. Reports only available in Dutch.


We make country analysis by using inclusive investigation methods. As a result of this approach the country profiles include environmentally sustainable and gender-sensitive economic perspectives. Our approach results in Country Assessments which constitute an excellent base for policy frameworks to enhance new sustainable economic perspectives which promote human rights and quality of life for all.

A gender analysis of a country or a sector, is a diagnostic study of the different roles of women and men at different levels, their respective access to and control over the material and non-material benefits of society, their priorities, needs, responsibilities and participation in decision making at micro- meso and macro levels. It identifies particular gender issues at stake in a country or in a sector and identifies obstacles and opportunities for change.

A gender analysis also establishes information of existing gender-indicators. It may also asses the implications for women and men of any policy, priority or programme in any area and at all levels. It provides recommendations to promote gender equality.

A gender analysis is a good starting point for policy and political dialogue on how to promote gender equality and women’s rights in a country.

Gender analysis is the starting point for gender mainstreaming as it informs policy makers and programme officers about the different behaviours, aspirations and needs of women and men, and how these can be valued equally and taken into account in the design of policies, programmes and projects.

OQ Consulting has many years of experience in designing Terms of Reference of commissioning gender analysis, as well as carrying out gender analysis.

Surveys are needed to get a picture of the clients, the (potential) beneficiaries, the audience, the victims, the policy makers, or any other group of respondents. We are the right address for designing gender sensitive surveys.

Opinion polls are crucial for policy makers. It is important to conduct such polls with methods that ensure inclusiveness and representativeness, including the marginalized groups of society. Opinion polls done by OQ Consulting will always be gender sensitive and show the diversity of opinions within and between social groups.

A gender audit is an inspection of the gender responsiveness of an organisation, an institution or a company. It is key for helping the institution or organisation to be accountable and transparent with regard to the implementation of its gender policy. It is a good starting point for a process of institutional/organisational transformation, particularly for institutions or companies that are committed to the Women’s Empowerment Principles of UN Women. OQ Consulting is the right address for participative gender audit.

A Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) is an analysis of the unforeseen gender effects of proposed laws and policies. The quality and effectiveness of legislation and policies will improve in favour of gender equality following the recommendations of a GIA.

The GIA gives an answer to the question: Does a law or policy reduce, maintain or increase the gender inequalities between women and men?

The GIA is a practical tool for governments who are committed to implementing international policy commitments on gender mainstreaming at institutional level, particularly the Beijng Platform for Action, Area H on institutional mechanisms, and the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG-5.

The GIA aims to help policymakers to detect unintended negative effects of laws, policy plans and programmes, budgets, and public services, which may increase or consolidate existing gender gaps. The GIA provides recommendations to avoid gender-discrimination in legal and policy frameworks. It shows how laws and policies can become more inclusive and effective by incorporating a gender equality perspective that takes account of the different needs, characteristics and behaviours of the target groups.

OQ Consulting has developed a practical too for implementing a GIA, and has provided training an capacity building to use this tool.



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Very interesting and intensive. This training should become compulsory to all staff members.

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I found it positive and stimulating that theoretical and practical parts were alternated. Very participatory, interactive and stimulating

Master Student, ISPI

Training has contributed to the broad goal of SDG-5. Also, has enlightened and motivated me with new ideas and reinforced their sense of resilience.

High-Level Technical Expert, Nepal

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