THERA VAN OSCHDirector OQ Consulting BV & Independent Consultant and Trainer

Thera van Osch is the founder of OQ Consulting BV. She is an economist and gender expert with over 30 years of worldwide experience in policy dialogue, project cycle management, capacity building, research and training.

JOS CARPIOICT-expert and web designer for the OQ-DAO project

Jos Carpio graduated as a product designer at the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht (Netherlands). He has more than 8 years of experience in Web 2 and Web 3 design.

MARGHERITA SOFIA ZAMBELLIAssociate Junior Consultant

Margherita is involved in OQ Consulting as an associate gender expert. She has a Bachelor in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation and a Master in International development Cooperation and Relief Services. She is engaged in tendering, project management and gender trainings.

EMMA L. POPOVAMarketing Coordinator

Emma works with OQ Consulting as a Marketing Coordinator in charge of the strategic outreach as well as the image and visual representation of the OQ brand. Driven by passion for authentic brand messaging as well as social innovation and gender equality, Emma joined the team in 2019 hoping that her experience and drive will help OQ Consulting expand its impact.

MATT HORNSBY Support Technician

With several years of IT support experience, Matt serves as support technician and website developer for OQ Consulting.

MARIE-CHAKUPEWAAssociate Consultant

Marie-Chakupewa is an associate consultant of OQ Consulting BV. She operates at the intersection of social and environmental issues. She is an expert in both the area of Biology, Evolution, Biodiversity & Conservation, and of Legal Services and Social Work. Additionally, she is a qualified Adult and Vocational trainer. Her field workhas been focussed on Southern Africaand her native country DRC.

ANA STEFANOVIC Senior Development Expert

Ana joined OQ Consulting in September 2019 and is a senior development expert with 15 years experience on social policies, child rights, gender equality and gender mainstreaming. She worked for the UN, EU, Council of Europe and in Civil Society Organisations in Asia, Latin America and South East Europe, and is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Serbian.

LIN MCDEVITT-PUGHIndependent Consultant

Lin is an award-winning writer and expert in building and using networks as resources. Her vision is that people with valuable ambitions work together, to empower each other and to empower society. Her book So You Think You Can’t Network is available in Dutch, Spanish and English as an e-book to OQ Consulting clients.

LA KENYA HOUSTON Associate Gender Expert

La Kenya Houston is a medical anthropologist, who joined OQ as an associated independent expert in 2019. She has over 8 years of experience in anthropological and medically-related research, and more than 10 years of clinical practice. In the past 25 years she built up a solid record as a trainer and consultant of language, education and inter-cultural understanding, particularly between the USA and Germany.

BRIGITTA SCHEEPSMA Associated Local Governance Expert

Brigitta is a philosopher with a master degree in spiritual care, specialised in ethics of care and altruism. As an activist for human rights she took initiatives, and has been engaged in many fields, including the rights of migrants, visualising unpaid care work, promoting social benefit policies with a holistic approach on social participation, and international solidarity. She is an expert in local governance, based on many years of experience as a member of the municipality council of Tytsjerksteradiel in Friesland (Netherlands).

JAN ATZE NICOLAIAssociated Local Governance Expert

Jan Atze is a writer and a poet with a long track record in the health sector and in local governance. He has been working as a healthcare manager and has solid experience in local governance as member of the municipality council, and as Alderman on sustainability of city of Leeuwarden (Netherlands). In politics he has been engaged for many years in issues related to the protection of the environment, to the paid and unpaid care sector and to basic income.


Achraf is involved in OQ as an associate, he has a European diploma of higher education in Supply Chain Management, a Master in Industrial Engineering and a Master of International Business. He is fluent in English, French and Arabic (Classical Arabic and most of the dialects of North Africa and Arabic countries) and intermediate in Spanish and German. He is engaged in tendering, project management, translation and gender training.

SARA METZAdmin & Projects Support

Sara joined the OQ Team in 2020, she is interested in women rights and gender equality. She just finished an online course about International Women´s Health and Human Rights. She is doing administration work and helps with project management.

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