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2022- 2025 – UN-Women – Long Term Agreement with UN-Women for gender technical and methodological services deliveries (02/2022- 02/2025)

Participation Level Agreement (PLA, signed 07 February 2020) for the provision of Gender Technical Services on request.

2021 – 2024: Global – Long-Term Arrangement for Services (LTAS) with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for the provision of Gender Technical Services under category 1 on gender analyses, review of literature and evidence and category 4 on capacity building and gender training

For this Long-Term Arrangement OQ has composed a pool of 35 gender experts with extensive experience in different countries. The network of gender experts covers all continents. In each region, OQ has a regional team leader and a regional partner organisation. The technical coordination of this worldwide network is distributed among Lin McDevitt (for Asia and sub-Sahara Africa), Ana Stefanovic (for Europe and Latin America), and Thera van Osch (for Middle East and Northern Africa).

The LTAS between UNICEF and OQ consulting also provides an official Vendor-status for the United Nations Global Market space, which means that OQ will receive specific invitations to tender from different UN Agencies.

2020 – Council of Europe: Roadmap for CDDH on Mainstreaming Gender and Human Rights

The purpose of this roadmap is to answer the key question: Does a law or policy reduce, maintain or increase the gender and intersecting inequalities between women and men? The roadmap for Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) provides a practical step-by-step approach to accomplish the mandate of the Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH) of the Council of Europe with a gender-equality perspective. The quality and effectiveness of legislation and policies will improve in favour of gender equality following the recommendations of a GIA.  (CoE, Act of Engagement, Contract No. 156/2019)

2019 – Council of Europe: Checklist for Gender-Sensitive Communication; Development of guidance and principles to follow for an inclusive approach in communication

The aim of this Checklist is to provide Council of Europe bodies and staff with concrete guidance and a set of principles to follow for an inclusive approach in communication, accompanied by concrete examples on the use of gender-sensitive communication. The goal is to initiate a process of revision of the language used in communications and in existing standards. 

2017 – 2019: TTC Equal Opportunities Project & Conference

The TTC Equal Opportunities project was launched in 2017 after the approval of the Gender Strategy of Tbilisi Municipality aimed at eradicating gender based discrimination through the hiring of female bus drivers. The project included 7 objectives based on the 7 UN Women’s Empowerment Principles. As a consortium partner of AETS, OQ Consulting helped with the gender mainstreaming tactics through the specific tasks & activities part of the overall action plan. In November 2019 we were part of a TTC Conference for donors and the organization itself that was to report on the results & benefits of the project. See TTC Booklet. 

2017 – 2018: EBRD – Gender Advisory Services Programme 2016 – Framework for Access to Employment and Skills:

Georgia – TBILISI Transport Project: promoting equal opportunities and increased gender balance among the employees of the Tbilisi Transport Company in line with the Women’s Economic Empowerment principles of UN-Women, and sharing results at regional level. OQ Consulting is consortium partner in this framework contract, which is led by AETS, France.

2016: European Parliament: Framework Service Contract for the provision of external expertise in issues related to Women’s Rights, Lot 3: Women’s rights and gender equality in third countries

Strengthen the knowledge of the ‘Women’s rights and Gender Equality Committee’; of the European Parliament by providing studies, analysis and advise on how to promote gender equality beyond the EU. OQ Consulting BV is consortium partner of Public Administration International (United Kingdom) for this Framework Contract..

2016 – 2018: Brussels – EU Gender Analysis Support

Technical support to strengthen the inclusion of gender equality and girls’ and women’s empowerment in all EU external cooperation instruments and across development cooperation sectors. Provide EU staff at headquarters and Delegations appropriate gender analysis to inform decisions and programme approaches, according to the Gender Action Plan 2016-2010 (GAP-II) on transforming the lives of girls and women through EU External Relations. This assignment is implemented by AETS, a French company which sub-contracted Thera van Osch of OQ Consulting.BV as one of the team members. (EU contract number: 2016-050 BFC 2013 Lot 07 Multi gender).

2015: The Hague, Ministry of Foreign Affiars of the Netherlands

OQ Consulting BV has worked with FEMCONSULT to participate in the assessment of project proposals submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affiars of the Netherlands under the FLOW 2016-2020 call, grant programme ‘Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women’.

2015: The Hague, Ministry of Foreign Affiars of the Netherlands

Ex-ante evaluation of 60 projects on Food Security and Entrepreneurship, particularly on the gender perspective. Thera van Osch, OQ senior gender expert, was member of the external Advisory Committee for the Fund for Sustainable Enterprises and Food Security(Fonds voor Duurzaam Ondernemen en Voedselzekerheid – FDOV) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

2014: The Hague, Netherlands. Dutch Sustainable Unit – Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Technical advice to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands on gender mainstreaming in finance for climate targets.

2014: ITC/ILO-Turin

Content design and development/adaptation of technical contents of the “EU Resource Package on Gender Mainstreaming in Development Cooperation” . Provide high-level guidance and highly specialized expertise to a larger research and on-line product development.

2014: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan: UNFPA

Providing recommendations for gender mainstreaming in the education programme of the Academy of State Services under the President of Turkmenistan

2013: Pristina, Kosovo: UN Women

International Consultation to support the inclusion of ‘Women, Peace and Security’ goals in EU planning frameworks for Kosovo and to support the development of the strategy to implement the EU Comprehensive Approach in Kosovo. (UN-Women Project number 00083164)

2013: EU Gender Communication and Training 2013-2014

Assignment for the strengthening of capacity building of EU staff at HQs and EU Delegations to include gender equality and women’s empowerment in all EU external cooperation instruments and across development cooperation sectors. Conduct an informed political and policy dialogue on gender, according to the EU Action Plan on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. Thera van Osch of OQ Consulting has been assigned as team leader by PARTICIP GmbH in the Framework Contract EuropeAid/129783/C/SER/Multi, Lot 2: Communication and Training of the European Commission

2012: Vilnius, European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)

European Conference “Advancing Gender Training to Support Effective Gender Mainstreaming” Vilnius (Lithuania), 13-14 November 2012. Presentation by Thera van Osch (OQ Consulting) during final panel: “Gender training in Europe: How to boost gender mainstreaming?”

2012 : République Démocratique du Congo : CTB – COOPERATION TECHNIQUE BELGE

Analyse Genre dans le secteur éducation – sous secteur enseignement technique et formation professionnelle – revue documentaire. Implemented by Anne Stanneveld on behalf of OQ Consulting BV. (CTB-Code Navision : RDC 12 169 01)

2012: Departement Internationaal Vlaanderen (DIV)

Translation into Dutch of the “Draft final report – Joint Medium-Term Review of the Country Strategy on Development Cooperation 2009-2013 between the Government of Flanders and the Government of Malawi” Departement Internationaal Vlaanderen (DIV)

2012: GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeid) – Train4Dev Gender Expert Group

Assignment of GIZ on Developing a Quality Certification for Train4Dev with a Gender Perspective.

2012: EU Gender Advisory Services 2012

Assignment of senior consultants Claire Leloup and Thera van Osch of OQ Consulting by AETS in the Framework Contract 162/COM 2011 LOT 1/Multi of the European Commission

2011: European Parliament: Framework Service Contract for the provision of external expertise in issues related to Women’s Rights, LOT 4, Situation of women living in the third countries

Strengthen the knowledge of the ‘Women’s rights and Gender Equality Committee’ of the European Parliament by providing studies, analysis and advise on how to promote gender equality beyond the EU. OQ Consulting BV is consortium partner of Aletta – Institute for Women’s History, Amsterdam (Netherlands) and KARAT – Coalition for Gender Equality, Warsaw (Poland) for this Framework Contract.

2011: GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeid) – Train4Dev Gender Expert Group

Assessment on what is needed to increase gender equality in development cooperation. The assessment was based on desk study and in-depth interviews with representatives of 8 development organizations; it shows institutional gaps in capacity development, and gives recommendations on how to enhance capacity for gender mainstreaming.

2011: East Jerusalem: Review of Guidelines for grant applicants of local Calls for Proposals to make them more gender sensitive.

Advice on how to mainstream a gender equality perspective in guidelines for grant applications on Human Rights and Democratic Reform, on the Cultural Activities Programme, on the Non-State Actors programme, and on the Partnership for Peace programme.

2011: EU Gender Advisory Services 2011

Idem 2010, prolongation in the framework of a specific contract of Particip GmbH with the EC.

2010: EU Gender Advisory Services 2010

Assignment of team leader commissioned to Thera van Osch of OQ Consulting by Particip GmbH in the Framework Contract Lot 6 of the European Commission

2009: Participative Consulting Workshop “Gender Equality in the TU-movement

Participative consulting workshop to support TIE-Netherlands in outlining strategies for capacity building to promote gender equality in the Trade Union Movement of Belarus. The consulting workshop was part of the Trade Union training project of TIE-Netherlands in Belarus.

2009: EC Gender Advisory Services 2009

Assignment of team leader commissioned to Thera van Osch of OQ Consulting by Particip GmbH in the Framework Contract Lot 6 of the European Commission.

2008: EC Gender Helpdesk 2008

Assignment of team leader commissioned to Thera van Osch of OQ Consulting by Particip GmbH in the Framework Contract aLot 6 of the European Commission.

2007: Coordination of European Feminist Forum

Assignment commissioned to OQ Consulting by IIAV (International Information Centre and Archive of the Women’s Movement), currently named Alleta, Institute for Women’s History.

2007: Evaluation of the Novib-Oxfam project: “Capacity building and combating poverty with a gender perspective

Assignment commissioned by Tiye International to OQ Consulting and Bureau Remedie for Organisation and Communication, Utrecht (NL).

2006: Feasibility Study on the Need for Institutional Strengthening of the NGO Sector in Suriname and Elaboration of a Financing Proposal

Entrusted to OQ Consulting by IBF International Consulting in the framework of the EC Project no. 2006/115933.

2005: Consulting on sustainable rural development

Participation in the design of the concept of “Buurderij” – a model for a sustainable rural community developed by the Dutch Innovation Network Green Space and Agrocluster. This short term assignment commissioned by BUITEN, Consultancy Economy and Environment, Utrecht.




Are you involved in Development Cooperation, International Cooperation, Peace building processes, or Relief and Rehabilitation Programmes? Then this training is meant for you. It increases your expertise and updates your knowledge and skills on how to address gender issues in result orientated aid delivery. After finishing this two-day training, you will know:

WHY the promotion of gender equality is a political mandate of the European Union and relevant for external actions of the EU.
WHAT is meant by gender mainstreaming.
WHEN you should address gender issues in the cycle of operations for external action.
WHICH tools and strategies are used for gender mainstreaming in the different aid modalities.
HOW to report on gender issues.

BIZZ Transition Workshops are tailor made participative in-company training workshops. They are especially designed to strengthening the capacities of companies for enhancing social innovations which are needed for a transition towards human-centred sustainable development.

The objectives of a BIZZ Transition workshop are:

The exchange of expertise on socially, ecologically and economically sound and sustainable business processes among the participants of the workshop
Knowledge building on policies, strategies and tools for ethical entrepreneurship and good corporate governance
Development of skills for transition management.

The target groups for BIZZ Transition Workshops are higher and middle management staff of business, members of worker’s councils and trade union groups in companies, directors, shareholders and other key stakeholders of companies. The ideal workshops is gender balanced. In case of male-dominated companies, a solution has to be found to ensure that at least 30% of the participants are knowledgeable women.

Through this workshop the participants will obtain:

Knowledge and insight on:
The causes of the global social crisis (poverty and gender gap), the care crisis, the financial crisis, the climate change, the ‘Peak Oil’ crisis and the long term challenges of this multiple crisis for business
the historical origins and paradigms of the current economic model and its advantages and disadvantages for business
international treaties, political commitments and indicators for globalizing human-centered sustainable development and their relevance for business.

b. Skills and tools for transition management at company level

c. Attitudes that enable them

To explore their role and responsibilities in the process of transition towards multi-dimensional business processes based on a people-planet-profit approach
To share their own opinions and visions on what it means to take consciously part in a process of transition towards a new historic era.

BIZZ Transition Workshops are participative and help companies to define their vision, strategy and goals for ethical entrepreneurship and corporate governance that fits in the new economic era of human-centered sustainable development.

The outcome of a BIZZ Transition Workshop is a company-owned transition plan, which may include:

A strategic vision and new goals for the future
A Performance Assessment Framework (PAF) with feasible company targets and indicators
A plan for a people-planet-profit budgeting process
A benchmark for relevant labels or social-ecological indicators to be included in the Annual Accounts of the company.

Companies who implement the Transition Plan will contribute to the eradication of poverty, to the promotion of the quality of life for all, and ecological sustainability; they will establish equitable and sustainable economic, financial, social en environmental relations among employees, clients, directors, shareholders, suppliers, banks, competitors and other stakeholders.

BIZZ Transition is a fascinating challenge for companies who are ready to convert their short term profit thinking into long term strategic thinking about how to contribute to human sustainable development. BIZZ Transition is a process of smart business, as it enhances the internal motivation and ‘good feelings’ of the employees, and generates goodwill among clients, suppliers, governments, and trade unions.

Transition management will increase the chances of companies to survive the current multiple crisis and will increase their opportunities in the new economic era of globalization of human-centered sustainable development.

In the parliament, at municipality level, in the board of schools or associations: everywhere a process of priority setting and choice making is realized through the process of budgeting. A gender budget analysis assesses the implications and impact of budgetary decisions for the position of men and women in all their diversity.

Through gender budget analysis we can evaluate the responsiveness of budget allocations to the differentiated needs and priorities of men and women, and we can reveal the reasons why men and women may respond differently to the same governmental policy or measures. Gender budget analysis also provides recommendations on how the budgetary process can contribute to gender equality, equal rights and opportunities for men and women. Gender budgeting offers important tools to improve the quality and effectiveness of budget plans and processes.

OQ Consulting offers the following training workshops on gender budgeting:

Course 1: Basic Gender Budget Training:

One-day workshop for 10 to 25 participants, which gives an introduction on basic concepts and rationale for gender budgeting, tools, strategies and examples. Through exercises the participants learn to apply several instruments of gender budgeting.

Course 2: Methods, tools and techniques for gender budgeting:

Two-day’s workshop for 10 to 25 participants. After the introduction on basic concepts and rationale for gender budgeting, the participants will apply strategies and instruments of gender budgeting to case studies, which are linked to their work. In the preparation phase for this workshop there will be a selection of case studies which are relevant for the work of the participants of the training workshop.

Course 3: Gender budgeting and Aid Effectiveness:

Two-day’s workshop for 10 to 25 participants on new aid modalities and the use of gender budget instruments to promote gender equality in general budget support and sector wide approaches in development cooperation.

The trainings are only delivered on request. Are you interested in organizing a gender budgeting training? Please contact OQ Consulting to discuss the possibilities.

The most effective trainings are tailor-made to the needs of the participants. OQ Consulting can help you in making an assessment of the training needs of your organisation, institution or company and to design a tailor-made training programme.

OQ Consulting works together with the Global Academy of Caring Economics. This academy is an open network platform and think tank for new economic approaches, which are people-centered and environmentally sound.

Thematic areas of the workshops are:

History of economic thinking and paradigms of current neo-liberal economic model
Caring Economics: How is life when the economic policy uses the model of caring economics?
The unpaid care sector
Basic Income
Participative gender budgeting with the capability approach

Workshops will be announced at the page of the Global Academy of Caring Economics.


Very interesting and intensive. This training should become compulsory to all staff members.

Policy Maker , Council of Europe

I found it positive and stimulating that theoretical and practical parts were alternated. Very participatory, interactive and stimulating

Master Student, ISPI

Training has contributed to the broad goal of SDG-5. Also, has enlightened and motivated me with new ideas and reinforced their sense of resilience.

High-Level Technical Expert, Nepal

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